Creating Real-World Content to Refine Your Brand Image

Published Jul, 16 2015
Content Marketing
This session was presented live at a past SoundBoard event.
Content Track
2:30 pm - 3:20 pm

creating real-world content to refine your imageIf you ever feel like the content your business is putting into the world isn’t connecting with what makes your business great, you’re not alone! We’ve put together a few tips for creating true-life content that enhances your image.

Dress For the Job You Want

The old adage isn’t limited to the clothes on your back. The content you share with the world is a representation of what your business is all about. It’s the way the world sees you, and the basis upon which your capabilities are judged.

If the type of work you’re doing doesn’t align with what motivates you and drives your business, the first step is to get in touch with what that positioning may look like.

What message communicates how you want your work to be seen, and which platforms can you use to project that message? Consider the specific changes you’ll need to implement to promote the business you want to run and the clients you want to attract.

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have

Determine Your Goals

To put your original content into motion, first you’ll need to define your goals. We call them BHAGs, or Big Hairy Audacious Goals! It’s okay to be ambitious here, since the whole point of this exercise is to inspire and motivate you.

Are you trying to get something published in a certain magazine, work with a certain influential person in your industry, or get some kind of press coverage? Whatever the case, having a clear vision of your ideal outcome will improve your chances of seeing it happen.

Control Your Portfolio

Once you pin down the type of image you want your business to have, you may find that the type of projects and clients you’re currently working with don’t give you room to create content that supports your vision.

If this is the case, branch out and develop new internal projects that will give you more control over shaping the things around you. Look past the status quo to grow beyond the restraints of your existing bread and butter.

Planning real-world events is a fantastic way to do this! Whether you provide products or services, most of the time the end result will mirror someone’s real life in some way. Designing an event that exemplifies a true application of your product will not only add to your value as a resource, it’ll show your audience an exciting vision for what your benefits and results could really look like.

Build Great Teams

Odds are that you’re going to need help. Whether you’re working solo or within a team, you can find greater strength in numbers. If you can find complementary service providers, there is a good chance that they would also benefit from the same real-world exercise you’re doing.

Identify a list of people with whom you would like to work on a project and start approaching them. Receiving a firm “no” is the worst that could happen. But if you provide a clear and organized vision for the desired outcome, vendors and service providers are likely to be excited to showcase the awesome results of your collaboration.

By bringing complementary service providers together, you can significantly improve the event and its promotion, as well as tap into your community and industry in a powerful way. The excitement is infectious. As people share what you’ve created, the myriad benefits of collaboration will materialize.

Pull It All Together

Once you’ve planned everything, execution is critical. Make a game plan with as much detail in your schedule as possible. Try to anticipate things that might go wrong, and brainstorm contingencies. Remember how much easier it will be now over when you’re down to the wire!