Punching Back at Facebook, Google Customer Match is Here

Published Sep, 28 2015
Social Media

google searchThis afternoon on New York’s Center Stage, Google is set to announce a powerful new AdWords tool: Customer Match.

Customer Match has been of keen interest to marketers since news floated in April about the developing technology, which Facebook has offered advertisers for some time.

Why is this big news? It finally effectively “closes the loop” between business and customer. Previously, online marketers using the Google ad network had to guess what type of customers were interacting with their brands based on their browsing behaviors. Now, marketers can connect directly with their own customers around the web and tailor messaging and offers based on past unique customer history. Maybe you can resist, but this is the sort of thing CRM marketers jump up and down about.

Customer Match

Customer Match enables advertisers to import customer email addresses into AdWords to target your most valuable customers across Google Search, Gmail, and Youtube. This marks a whole new era of personalization opportunities to help ensure that marketers are reaching their customers with the right message at the right time.

Here’s the example Google provided to illustrate Customer Match capability:

Let’s say you’re a travel brand. You can now reach people who have joined your rewards program as they plan their next trip. For example, when these rewards members search for “non-stop flights to new york” on Google.com, you can show relevant ads at the top of their search results on any device right when they’re looking to fly to New York. And when those members are watching their favorite videos on YouTube or catching up on Gmail, you can show ads that inspire them to plan their next trip.

Advertisers will also be able to create “Similar Audiences,” similar to “Lookalike Audiences” on Facebook. Similar Audiences analyzes your list to help you expand your campaigns to people who might be interested in your products or services.

Making New AdWords Features Work for Your Business

AdWords customer matchFor more information on Customer Match and Google’s other new reveal, Universal App Campaigns, check out the AdWords announcement post.

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