Diana Asbury

Diana is a planning fanatic who believes that life is more fun when you have a lot to look forward to. And as the Head of Marketing at Workzone, a web-based project management tool, she lives out her planning dreams every day.

Diana’s expertise lies in developing laser-targeted lead and demand generation systems – with an eye on company-wide change management that supports cultural and collaborative growth. Additionally, she’s consulted for multinational brands and has spoken at conferences discussing lead generation, building brand loyalty, and more.

Her passion projects include mentoring women entrepreneurs, raising over $200k to build an ADA accessible playground, and serving as co-chair for an annual event which funds scholarships for high school students to attend a summer entrepreneurial camp.

Both Diana and her husband, Tim, love exploring new places, the outdoors, and great food. With degrees in both fashion and marketing, Diana is a self-proclaimed “dress for success kind of gal.” Fun fact: she was a baton twirler since the age of five, and has twirled fire batons, knives, and up to four batons at once.

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