Erica Stanley

Erica Stanley is a Software Engineering Manager at Atlanta-based SalesLoft, but she’s that and so much more!

Erica is an entrepreneur, technologist and community organizer with over 17 years of experience. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies including Boeing, FOX Interactive Media, Turner Broadcasting, and Oracle, as well as successful startups.

Erica is passionately working towards gender and multicultural inclusion in tech via education and helping raise awareness of opportunities. As part of that mission, Erica founded the Atlanta network of Women Who Code, where she currently leads new developer workshops and organizes monthly tech talks, hack nights, and networking events for women technologists.

Additionally, Erica also collaborates with companies within the Atlanta tech community to help improve strategies around diversity and inclusion. She sits on the advisory board of 100 Girls of Code where she helps develop new strategies and curriculums to expose girls to technology.

Erica specializes in a number of areas, including Object Oriented Design and Architecture, Social Media Strategy and Development, Interactive Strategy and Development for Mobile and Web, 3D Application Development, Data Visualization and Simulation.

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