Ian Howells

Ian Howells has been one of the country’s leading SEOs since even before keyword meta tags were a thing and then they weren’t.

Ian has an impressive career as Director of SEO at major companies and an entrepreneurial streak, to boot, evidenced in his company, Traffic Think Tank.

Traffic Think Tank is the #1 Private SEO Training Community, where hundreds of the top minds in digital marketing from around the world collaborate and access hundreds of hours of exclusive videos, process documents, analysis templates, and free tools.

Ian started his SEO career in 2008 at Pepperjam agency in Pennsylvania before moving on to the role of Director of SEO at eBay Enterprise. He then became Director of SEO at Red Ventures in Charlotte, NC before finally landing in his current position, Director of SEO at Lending Tree.

At Lending Tree, Ian does his SEO thing to make sure everyone who wants mortgage quotes and other real estate information will find them first and use their brokering service to make banks compete.

In his spare time, Ian enjoys SEO’ing the crap out of SEO. Also, salted caramels and fresh-cut dandelions.

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