Jason Rodriguez

Jason is the Community and Product Evangelist at Litmus, which is a fancy way of saying that he spends most of his time educating people about email marketing, design, and development and how to get better results from email.

Prior to Litmus, Jason spent a number of years in an agency strategizing, designing, and delivering email campaigns to millions of subscribers a month.

Over the last decade, he’s written three books on email design and development and countless articles for the Litmus blog and publications like A List Apart and CSS-Tricks. He organizes Litmus’s own conferences, Litmus Live, and speaks at industry events, bringing the email love to people around the world. You can follow Jason by subscribing to his email newsletter (so meta).

He lives just outside of Detroit and spends his free time battling the Michigan winters with his wife and two kids, playing music, and buying more books than he can ever read.

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