Michael Papish

Michael had plenty of time to think during his solo, six-month bicycle tour from Berlin to Saint Petersburg back in 2013. But then again, thinking is something that comes naturally to this Harvard-trained astrophysicist-philosopher turned global brand leader.

After his bicycle journey, Michael returned to Boston to found his second startup 953 LLC where he worked to incorporate machine intelligence and AI into daily communication to help people better organize the flow of information through their lives.

Michael then joined pioneering speaker company Sonos as the Director of Platform Strategy helping the company create an open sound platform for the modern home that interoperates with leading music services like Spotify and Apple Music and voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa.

Michael is currently the head of Global Product Marketing for Sonos, a role that lets him keep an eye on the big picture while running a team that activates strategy and tells stories about the world’s best smart home sound system.

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