Mike Scher

Mike Scher is the co-founder of FRONTLINE Selling, a rapidly-growing software company that provides the most effective way to engage B2B buyers. Mike has over 18 years of enterprise sales experience and excels at the most difficult part of the sales cycle – getting that first Meaningful Interaction with a prospect.

Mike’s self-created prospecting process consistently enabled him to penetrate challenging accounts other sales professionals wouldn’t even attempt. It didn’t seem revolutionary to him at the time, but there was no denying the dramatic difference between his success rate and his colleagues’. He decided to found FRONTLINE Selling to help salespeople leverage his approach to get in front of the right key players, more often, and generate more revenue. They analyzed 1.8 million outreach efforts to validate and optimize Mike’s approach and that process remains the foundation of his company today.

While Mike grew up in New Jersey and attended business school in Rhode Island, he’s an avid Georgia Bulldog fan. He has mad respect for Kirby Smart and loves to quote him during both business and casual conversations.

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