Nicola Smith

Nicola Smith is the founder and CEO of REBEL & REASON, a branding, marketing, and cultural transformation consultancy and training firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. A rebel since birth, Nicola uses her innate rebellious spirit to see possibility where others see closed doors.

Nicola has spent over 17 years leading strategy around a myriad of first-to-market opportunities such as mobile marketing, social media, AR, VR voice, and gesture-based interfaces for brands like Maybelline, Coca-cola, Microsoft, Nestle, GE, Cox Media Group, Nike, WeWork, and more.

Now, as a public speaker, business owner, and corporate consultant, Nicola helps others develop constructively rebellious habits that do more than just command attention. She partners with business leaders in a multitude of industries to wield corporate rebellion deliberately and command results.

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