Sarah McKinney

Sarah McKinney serves the Athens Area Community Foundation as President & CEO. Prior, she had awesome jobs at the University of Georgia and Georgia 4-H Foundation as well at the Athens Community Council on Aging.

Sarah has a sprinkled education including a Bachelor of Social Work degree from the University of Georgia, Certificate of Gerontology from Kennesaw State University, a Certificate of Leadership from the University of Dayton, and Certificates of Basic and Advanced Nonprofit Financial Management from Duquesne University’s Nonprofit Leadership Institute.

A proud member of the Rotary Club of Athens, 2017-2018 LEAD Athens class, and Leadership Georgia of 2019, Sarah loves an opportunity to grow her brain. Sarah enjoys serving Athens Church, East Jackson FFA Alumni, the Rotary Plungefest, Envision Athens, and the Jackson County School System on the Empower College and Career Academy’s Strategic Partner committee.

Today, as a professional working in philanthropy, Sarah’s role is centered on helping convene the interest of donors, nonprofits, and community institutions to build, distribute and preserve philanthropic assets that will enhance the quality of life in the Athens area for generations to come.

Authentic relationships, a firm handshake, a hearty thank you, and a handwritten note are critical components to Sarah’s work in philanthropy. When she isn’t smiling at work, Sarah is hanging out with her husband, John, and their kids Nate and Anna.

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