Simon Cole

Founder and CEO Thames Agencyworks

Simon Cole is Founder and CEO of Thames Agencyworks and Director of New Business for THRIVE. His previous experience includes Director of New Accounts for THINK Interactive and New Business and Digital Strategy Director for Glass Eye Screenworks.

With 17 years doing new business development in the web industry, Simon offers digital marketing consulting to companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. His experience ranges from application development and system integration to B2C media campaigns. He has initiated interactive marketing development programs, emerging media programs, and digital media buys.

Simon’s company, Thames Agencyworks, partners with agencies to develop an efficient and successful sales pipeline. Thames positions clients with introductions that build relationships and lead to better opportunities, equipping agencies with modern pitch strategies to close more business. Thames also works with brands to determine the right agency partner for marketing and technology projects.

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