Vincent Baskerville

After working with businesses of all sizes for over a decade, Vincent’s current mission is leading a team of 11 UX Designers & Researchers to create simple, yet powerful experiences for Home Depots Supply Chain associates that it positively impacts the bottom line.

Before his time at The Home Depot, he’s assisted small & medium businesses with connecting their incoming calls to their ad spend at Call Rail, aided Sales Development Reps to build stronger & natural relationships with customers at Salesforce, and enabled travelers to speak the native language on upcoming vacations at Trip Lingo.

With over 15 years in the digital arena, Vincent has created custom websites, crafted video campaigns, and developed mobile apps. In addition to speaking at technology conferences nationally and internationally, Vincent has cultivated many new enthusiasts focused on the entire customer experience at General Assembly.

As a YAAT (Yet another Atlanta Transplant) Vincent was born in New Britain, Connecticut yet continues to joke about being allergic to their /type/ of cold weather. He currently lives in Atlanta with his wife, Crystal, and their two “offsprings,” Christian & Vincent Jr.

When he’s not working—and if it’s a nice day outside—you might find him either finding new bike trails on nearby mountains or hiking with his wife and kids. If the weather isn’t nice, then he’s on his Oculus Go playing Catan VR.