Top 3 New Google Analytics Features Explained

Published Nov, 14 2014

It's been a busy fall season for the Google Analytics team, and that’s good news for you if you market your business online and are ready to leverage newly announced features.

Of the numerous updates and features announced recently, we present to you our top 3 new Google Analytics features in terms of potential impact and business opportunity.

I. Dynamic Remarketing for Industry Verticals

Remarketing capability that started for retail in June 2013 has now expanded to all major verticals, including flights, hotels, auto, real estate, jobs, finance, education, and classifieds.

Dynamic remarketing enables a business to automatically tailor ads on its website based on a visitor’s browsing behavior and general location. For example, the site visitor might see ads for a particular product viewed, related products they might like, or similar products and/or specials in their area.

To help further increase conversions and reduce busywork, the remarketing ad templates are mobile-optimized out of the box, and can work in tandem with automatic bidding to prioritize more profitable conversions.

Learn more about dynamic remarketing for industry verticals:

II. Demographics, Interests Reporting, and Remarketing Now Available in Apps

App developers have been left waiting patiently for demographic and interest data capabilities to become available for apps, but the delay is now over. In-app audience demographics reporting and remarketing is now available, and this is great news for businesses looking to market more effectively.

Demographic and interest data gathered on websites helps businesses market (and remarket) to users based on powerful segments, like young males interested in cars or older women interested in technology. This critical data (and the ability to use it to target ads), is no longer just available to websites.

Keep in mind, this additional app usage data isn’t just about ad targeting. Understanding how users interact with your application provides insights into how to continually deliver positive experiences.

Learn more about enhanced data and remarketing in apps:

III. Benchmarking

Benchmarking is a straightforward but powerful new report in the Audience section of Google Analytics, and a welcome addition to the reports family. Benchmarking reports allow you to put your performance data in the context of your industry.

Business managers know the importance of comparing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to competitors and industry leaders, and Benchmarking in Google Analytics has a lot to offer. There are 600 industry categories, 1,250 markets, and 7 size buckets to choose from, all available to help businesses spot opportunities, increase efficiency, and determine where to invest resources.

Learn more about benchmarking reports and how they helped

Ready to Act?

Google was in a rush to launch these new features and tools before the holiday season kicks into full gear. Now that they’re available, you’ll want to make sure your managers are up to speed and have plans in place to take full advantage. You can bet your top competitors already are — but if they’re not? Godspeed!

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