How to Keep Up Your Company Blog — and Why

Published Mar, 25 2013
Business & Branding, Content Marketing

Attract customers with your business blogLately we’ve been getting a lot of questions about what the point of a “business blog” really is, and we’re quickly learning that the confusion about how and why to use a blog is keeping people from using their own knowledge and expertise to their advantage.

Whenever we see a company blog left neglected and unused, we get sad! We’ll tell you why.

A Website is Not a Billboard

The idea of a “weblog” has changed a ton in the past few years, and these days blogs have a lot to do with your identity in your industry. The simplest and most common mistake we see companies making with their blogs is that they just don’t use them consistently. Businesses hire professional web design agencies like ours to build a shiny new website, and then they mentally check that item off of their to-do list.

Honestly, we feel you. You’re busy, and talking about what you do on your blog doesn’t feel quite as important as actually doing what needs to get done. The thing is, blogs have become an essential tool to developing a reputation in a staggering number of industries, likely including yours.

Establish Your Authority

Search engines are built to sniff out subject matter authority when they build their lists of search results, and getting to the top of those lists requires that you’ve demonstrated more authority or value than your competitors. So what do you do? You update!

Most people already know about posting about general news or special events for their company, but there is so much more potential for your website’s blog. Post about a product or service you offer, explain a new technology or trend in your field, or just describe what you do differently from your competitors. You could give a step-by-step written or video tutorial on how you provide a service or solve a common problem.

The more informative and content-packed your website is, the more important it will be to anyone interested in learning more about or ultimately purchasing what you’re providing.

Rank Higher with Constant Content

SEO marketing is great, and we have your back when it comes to the technical complexities that tend to arise with an active blog, but the easiest way to impress potential customers, increase traffic, build authority, and get better business is to regularly publish quality content.

Updating your blog with news, specials, and great content shows the online community (read: everyone) that you are focused on serving your customers. Providing valuable guidance for current and potential customers builds trust that you are a reliable and accessible authority in your field.

As the frequency and general quality of your blog content increases, so will the value your website ultimately generates for your business. It’s really that simple.

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