Patricia Mercaldo

In her more than 25 years working in technology, Tricia’s career has consistently involved enacting new technology solutions to improve business processes. She understands a variety of diverse businesses, and works with senior management to implement new solutions on an enterprise scale.

Given her work in the tech industry, you may not expect that the people are Tricia’s passion. Those she’s worked with for over 20 years, those she’s worked for, and those she’s had the pleasure of mentoring make her career a success. She specializes in mentoring, teamwork, facilitation, process improvements, and communication.

Tricia has most recently been responsible for the global collaboration environment for The Coca-Cola Company. At Coke, she was engaged with the global business to provide collaboration (O365) services, communication, training, and support. She facilitated the global application store, allowing the business to get their company apps using SCCM and 1E AppStore products. Her focus was in implementing technologies that provide improvements in global collaboration and productivity.


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