Our Fifth-Annual Event: Bigger & Better Than Ever!

Join us April 27, 2018 at the Morton Theatre in downtown Athens, GA. Registration is from 8AM-9AM, and sessions will end at 5PM.

As usual, we'll be bringing in speakers from some of the biggest and best marketing brands in our industry. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list find out as speakers are announced. Regardless of your experience level in each of these specialties, our sessions are designed to offer actionable insights to both novices and pros. This means you're sure to walk away with new skills that will improve your ability to design and implement successful marketing campaigns!

This venue is a historic location, so it has some technical limitations. In the past, we have been unable to offer reliable Wi-Fi so if you're unable to unplug for the day then you'll need to bring a personal hotspot.

2018 Speakers

Learn more about the great speakers who are leading this round of SoundBoard sessions.

* If a speaker has a last-minute emergency, please understand that we will make every effort to find the best possible replacement.

2018 Event Sessions

Check out the sessions from this event.

Morning Sessions

"Keywords Are Dead, Long Live Topics!"

The rise of machine learning and Google’s RankBrain means that search engines are outgrowing the ways we used to think about keywords. Learn how to build pillar pages and start thinking in terms of robust topic clusters in order to keep your site rankings strong.

9:00am · with Peter Manca

"Creating Video Production Teams With Any Budget"

Whether you are bootstrapping a startup or are working with larger media budgets, this session will explore a few hacks and tips that can significantly extend the ability of your team to produce great video content.

9:45am · with Justin Blyden

"The Importance of Preparing For DDOS Attacks"

In this session we’ll revisit the importance of using a CDN for your website as well as explore some of the additional security benefits this can provide. Specifically, learn how to plan for DDOS attacks and why it’s best to do so before you’re in the middle of one.

10:50am · with Rita Kozlov

"Making This Your Best Year Ever"

Explore entrepreneurial tips and tricks for getting into the fast lane this year. In the spirit of entrepreneurship, this session is likely to cover some disparate elements and may evolve a bit based on audience feedback. You won't want to miss this one!

11:35am · with Chris Hanks

Afternoon Sessions

"The Bullshitter's Guide To Content"

Every marketer needs to create content at some time in their career despite missing key elements like time, money, and expertise. Learn how to pull great content out of your... browser! Make clients, customers, and your audience happy all at the same time.

1:40pm · with Russell Jones

"Turning Customers Into Advocates With Strategic Education"

In an increasingly service-driven market, it is more important than ever to think beyond conversion transactions and start focusing on improving engagement metrics. Discover how product education materials can be paired with CRM tactics to support this effort.

2:25pm · with Michael Papish

"Strengthening Relationships With Custom Photography"

Using custom photography in your campaigns is the best way to build brand authenticity. Explore specific examples of how to work towards this goal and get new ideas for how to improve your team’s photography output.

3:30pm · with Lauren Renner

"How To Hire Wildly Successful Outreach Specialists"

When assembling an outreach team, there are a few crucial qualities and characteristics to consider. This session will align those traits with corresponding outreach tactics so that you can enable the right people to earn great links and improve coverage for your brand.

4:15pm · with Elli Bishop