Bigger & Better Than Ever!

Join us April 27, 2017 at the Morton Theatre in downtown Athens, GA. Registration is from 8AM-9AM, and sessions will end at 5PM.

As you can see from the lineup and session information below, we're bringing in speakers from some of the biggest and best marketing brands in our industry.

Regardless of your experience level in each of these specialties, our sessions are designed to offer actionable insights to both novices and pros. This means you're sure to walk away with new skills that will improve your ability to design and implement successful marketing campaigns!

This venue is an historic location, so it has some technical limitations. Despite our best efforts, it is looking unlikely that we will be able to offer reliable Wi-Fi. If you're unable to unplug for the day, you'll need to rely on your own personal hotspots.

2017 Speakers

Learn more about the great speakers who are leading this round of SoundBoard sessions.

* If a speaker has a last-minute emergency, please understand that we will make every effort to find the best possible replacement.

2017 Event Sessions

Check out the sessions from this event.

"The Art of Content Curation: Proven Strategies for Sharing Better Social Media Content"

In this session, we’ll explore some of the best practices and common pitfalls involved with repurposing existing content as you build your social networks to help give your brand a competitive advantage.

with Brian Peters

"Building Winning Digital Experiences"

Winning online has never been more difficult. In this session, we’ll break down the critical aspects of building a successful digital brand experience and provide some shortcuts to help your business move forward faster.

with Taylor McCaslin

"How to Strengthen Your Brand and Overcome Your Competition with Video"

Making a memorable impression in a crowded competitive environment is tough. This session will reveal some actionable tips for telling your brand’s story with video that will help you get noticed.

with Naike Romain

"The Importance of Improving User Experience in the Inbox"

Email remains one of the most powerful ways to connect with an audience online. This talk covers the critical roles that intent, tone, structure, content, and much more all play in shaping positive user experiences.

with Fabio Carneiro

"Maximize Customer Acquisition, Rankings, and Revenue with Smarter Product Launches"

A strategic product launch can be a significant part of any marketer’s goal to acquire more customers cheaply while driving long-term revenue. This session will provide a real-world example of how this is done.

with Tyler Vawser

"Catching Lightning in a Bottle: How Your Brand Can Be A Content Marketing Success"

After listening to this session, organizations of all sizes will be equipped with the knowledge to launch successful content marketing efforts that will require only minimal time and resources.

with Ronell Smith

"YouTube Advertising in the Age of Mobile: Making the Biggest Impact"

Learn best practices for building higher-converting ad content, reaching your target audience with strategic advertising campaigns, and measuring your campaign's effectiveness with YouTube's free tools.

with Ari Kurtz

"How to Increase Website Traffic by 250,000+ Monthly Visits"

Learn how one of the leading content marketing agencies in the industry breaks down the end-to-end SEO and content marketing driven process that has delivered big results for their clients.

with Ross Hudgens